SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov Sent a Letter of Thanks to Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industries Demonstration Zone
release time:2020-07-19 15:00 source:Shanghai Coorperation Organization Countries Regional Agricultural Cooperation Network

On May 8, 2020,the Management Committee of Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone in Shaanxi, China, received a letter of thanks from Vladimir Norov, SCO Secretary-General.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed. During this difficult time, SCO member states help and support each other by providing various medical supplies and medical equipment. We hereby would like to sincerely express our appreciation and thanks to all staff of the Management Committee of Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone who gave strong support and significant contribution to the SCO member states to fight against the pandemic, ”the letter reads.

The letter of thanks

The Management Committee of Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industries Demonstration Zone donated medical supplies to SCO member states

2019 SCO Modern Agricultural Development Roundtable Discussion

Photo by Wu Yongbin

Vladimir Norov visited Yangling

Photo by Wu Yongbin

SCO member states have been facing a severe threat since the outbreak of COVID-19.These countries have actively taken measures to fight against the pandemic by working together and providing all kinds of medical supplies and equipment to each other. Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone under the joint coordination and support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has donated 30 thousand medical masks, 1000 protective gowns and 1000 goggles to the agriculture Ministries of seven SCO member states including Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan and so on, as well as  four overseas sister cities including Lathen, Germany, Westland, Holland, Uprit, Serbia, and Moscow district, Chuhe Prefecture, Kyrghyzstan.In total, this demonstration zone has donated 330 thousand masks, 11 thousand protective gowns and 11 thousand goggles and the value of these supplies is about 3643 thousand RMB.