Construction Promotion Meeting of the SCO Agricultural Base Was Held in Yangling Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi Province, China
release time:2020-07-19 07:00 source:Shanghai Coorperation Organization Countries Regional Agricultural Cooperation Network

On the afternoon of May 18th, 2020, Yangling Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi Province, China, held Construction Promotion Meeting of the SCO Agricultural Base, to hear the report on the progress of the construction of the SCO Agricultural Base, analyzing and solving existing problems, and renew arrangements for the next phase of work.

According to the requirement of Li Jing, the secretary of the Party & Labor Union of Yangling demonstration zone, all departments should make organic combination of the construction of SCO Agricultural Base, Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone, CAF and other key works. Unify planning and make overall promotion, develop its three special advantages and widely promote the open economy in Yang Ling; Give full play to the advantages and characteristics of Yangling's agricultural research, technology and industry. Accelerate the construction of key projects and concentrate on creating an image and high-quality products in accordance with the demand of the SCO national agricultural technology exchange and training. The office of Yangling SCO shall keep abreast of the progress of each program and do a good job in organizing, coordinating and supervising.

Li Jiuhong, the deputy secretary of the Party & Labor Union and the standing deputy director of administration committee of Yangling demonstration zone, requires, all the departments shall concentrate on the program such as the construction of SCO modern agricultural development research center, the SCO agricultural technology exchange & training demonstration center and the future agriculture area and ensure each task can be finished on time, promoted comprehensively and make substantial progress.