China-Kazakhstan in Close Relationship, Construction of SCO Base in Full Swing
release time:2020-07-18 00:00 source:Shanghai Coorperation Organization Countries Regional Agricultural Cooperation Network

Du Shuangshe, an agro-technician in Yangling Shaanxi province of China, said: “Time is really limited. I have solved technical problems that China- Kazakhstan innovation zone meets in these few days. And now I have to move to Kazakhstan. Although the epidemic is not over yet, there is not a moment's delay in agricultural production.”

Du Shuangshe is an agro-technician, who has gone back and forth for over 20 times between Yangling and Kazakhstan, acting as an envoy of agricultural communication between China and Kazakhstan. He is also the participator and one of the witnesses of the construction of SCO agricultural base.

In 2016, in Almaty province of Kazakhstan, the construction of China-Kazakhstan demonstration zone of agricultural innovations began. In recent years, Yangling demonstration zone has totally introduced 45 experimental varieties of six categories: wheat, corn, beans, rapeseed, vegetables and seedling in the China- Kazakhstan zone. Total planting areas reach 1500 Mu. Solar greenhouse covering more than 1600 square meter is also built.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang. Did you see the suggestion that I sent you about strengthen the foreign-aid training?” Ma Jing, the executive deputy director of the office of SCO Agricultural Technology Exchange and Training Demonstration Base, has her hands full as she has to determine training plans as well as contact with trainees and teachers.

Ma Jing said: “Foreign-aid is an important program of SCO Agricultural Technology Exchange and Training Demonstration Base. We decide to make great improvement in terms of foreign-aid training in this year. Both the content and the quality of this training will be qualitatively improved.” She said that in 2020 Yangling will stick to the three main functions “Communication, Training, Demonstrating”, striving for substantial progress.